Got Prayer?

He said to them, “This kind can only come out through prayer.”
~Mark 9:29

When is the last time you talked to a friend? Probably in the last 20 minutes! I’m sure that your conversation was probably pretty short- because you talk all the time! There was no need to go over your life story, because your friends are with you often through your life journey. God has also been with you on your life’s journey- ALL THE TIME! But when is the last time that you spoke to God the way you speak to your friend?

It is easy to yell at God when things are going wrong, but when is the last time you had a conversation with God- one that included no swearing? God is with you always, and he always wants to be with you, yet he is often alone in the shadows.

Take a few minutes today to have a conversation with God. He sent his only Son to save us, so I think it is a pretty sure bet that he wants to listen!

God Bless,