Bible Land Adventures

Let the Adventures Begin…

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       Bonnie Barker                                                                                               Kim Lasinski

Bonnie has been the                                                              Kim has been the Youth Minister
Director of Faith Formation                                            since 2008, and has taken a larger
since 2006. She is an organized                                role as Confirmation and JH Coordinator
soul who keeps the Youth Ministry                             in 2013. She loves coming up with new
Office running relatively smoothly.                            ways to inspire teens and young adults.
She loves seeing the joy and                                          When Kim isn’t chasing the teenagers
excitement on the faces of our                                           around the church she is happily,
children especially when they receive                                    if a little frazzled, raising
Jesus for the first time; In her “spare”                                 her three energetic children.
time Bonnie enjoys reading, playing
with her cats, and diner breakfasts
with her husband.


Bible Land Adventures is a multi-generational week long adventure through the rich history of our faith. Each day our children join with teen and adult volunteers for stories, games, crafts, music, snacks, and prayer. The adventures culminate on Friday evening with a celebration for our children to share with their families all that they have done and learned.

The week begins with children entering the Parish Center to discover that an ancient marketplace has arrived complete with people from ancient times happy to discuss Jesus and the early Catholic Church. Each child joins a “Tribe of Israel” for the week, complete with a colored bandana, and tribe poster. The tribes will journey through the week’s adventures together.

Each day begins with a group celebration involving music, stories, prayer, and fun! The celebration introduces students to the stories and themes that will carry through the day. The resident storyteller stops by to discuss what the children have learned, and entice them with snippets of the day’s stories.

After the opening celebration some of our “tribes” enter into the marketplace to create instruments, design jewelry, bake snacks, or learn history. Teen and adult volunteers in “ancient garb” roam and run the open air marketplace as if it existed in ancient times. They discuss the “news” of Jesus and his ministry, and share their excitement and joy at the idea of the Messiah.

When not enjoying the marketplace the tribes engage in other interesting activities. Tribes will call upon the story teller to hear the day’s story. Each tribe has the opportunity to visit with the troubadours to sing our songs of praise. Finally our tribe journeys to the “Tribe Tents” to discuss the day’s activities and themes with their Tribe Leader. The morning-long adventure is split up with even more fun as the tribes enjoy a snack and time to run around outdoors to play games.

Each morning ends with another group gathering to share the adventures of the day, pray on all that has been learned, and to sing the new songs together. Tribe members take part in retelling of the day’s story, and a discussion of the meaning that it carries for us as Christians. The culminating celebration on Friday evening is a wonderful event full of fun and faith as the tribes share all that they have experienced with song, dance, stories, and crafts.