Kim has been the Youth Minister since 2008,  and has taken a larger role as Confirmation and JH Coordinator in 2013. She loves coming up with new ways to inspire teens and young adults. If there is a way to integrate technology, then she has probably tried. When Kim isn’t chasing the teenagers around the church she is happily, if a little frazzled, raising her three energetic children with her wonderful husband.




General Information:
Confirmation is a step toward a deeper knowledge and appreciation of Jesus Christ and the Church. It is also the final step of initiation into full membership in the Catholic Church.

In order to ensure that all candidates come to the process on similar ground it is required that your child has completed grade 8 Faith Formation prior to entering our Confirmation process in grade 9. We do not assume that all teens wish to be confirmed.

Confirmation candidates are responsible for attending several Rites throughout their years of preparation in order to affirm to the church community that they are actively seeking confirmation in the Catholic Church, and to further ask for the prayers and support of the church community. The Church community in turn acknowledges the candidates, and pledges support in the form of prayer as the candidates continue through each step of the journey culminating in the sacrament of Confirmation.

After completion of the first year, our candidates are interviewed, in writing, and their participation in all aspects of the process are reviewed, and they are invited to the Rite of Covenant and continuation of their journey to Confirmation.

During the second year of preparation the candidates review participation in all aspects of the program. If, by their actions and involvement, they show a desire to continue enter they are invited into direct preparation for Confirmation.

In the fall of grade 11 candidates are interviewed in person and the following signs of readiness are looked for (as determined by the Diocese of Syracuse):

  • a personal faith consciousness- as indicated by some type of personal prayer life and awareness of God in his/her life.
  • an appreciation of Sacred Scripture as a unique aspect of God’s revelation and as an invitation to an ongoing relationship.
  • a communal faith consciousness- as indicated by participation in service within the parish and larger community.
  • a sense of Christian identity- as indicated by participation in the faith formation process or other faith opportunities.
  • Confirmation calls for a personal decision on the part of the candidate. Therefore, a Confirmation retreat provides the time necessary for the candidate to reflect on the process and the meaning of the Sacraments in their life. The retreat is mandatory.

Check the Youth Ministry Calendar for Confirmation Events: large group meetings (includes parents and candidates), celebration of various Rites throughout the process, team meeting dates, retreat date and celebration date. These dates will be noted in red.

As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone: (315)469-6995 Ext. 6 or by e-mail: