Why do we serve?

Service is more than just something to check off a list. It is the Catholic way of living our Baptismal promises in service of Jesus Christ and the Church. Just as one exercise alone is not the right way to get into shape, neither is service the only way that we must flex our “faith muscles”. But service allows us to be the hands of feet and Christ in our communities, and reminds us of the many blessings in our own lives.

Who do we serve?

Any activity that you do in the support of someone or some other group is service. You can serve members of your family community, school community, and church community. Coaching a team, tutoring a friend, mowing some lawns, serving at mass, making some soup- all of these are easy ways to help serve the people who need help in our communities.

Service can be a great way to get all ages of the family together,
and doing something to share the love of God with others!


How do we get started?

Ask your parents, teachers, and church leaders who needs help! Bring a friend and sign up to help with different activities, try new things! Find some service activities that fit with your lifestyle, and keep doing them! Try things that break you out of your comfort zone and thank God for your many blessings! Service shouldn’t be something to check off a list- it is a way of life.

It is the way of life exemplified by Jesus Christ.

It is the way of life we are called to follow as Christians.

How will you serve?