Youth Minister for Church of St. Michael & St. Peter


Teen Ministry

*grades 7 through 12

*plan and lead meetings at least monthly

*plan and carry out events: spaghetti supper, pancake breakfast, Food Fast, summer Bible

study, trips, NCYC every other year

*listen to and help youth make Jesus part of their life



*recruit, train and supervise catechists

*maintain all required records

*plan and carry out required retreat

*lead large group meetings with candidates and parents to explain program and make sure

all are on the right track

*contact Diocese to schedule celebration, plan and rehearse for celebration, complete Parish

record book and send out notices to parishes of Baptism

*review program with Director and Pastor yearly


Junior High

*recruit, train and supervise catechists

*maintain all required records

*lead large group sessions with youth and parents

*offer and supervise service opportunities

*review program with Director and Pastor yearly


Parish requirements

*weekly staff meeting

*presence at parish events: annual picnic, thank you dinner, etc

*preparing bulletin articles to keep parish informed



*Administrative and record keeping skills

*Computer skills: Word Press; Google Docs; Facebook Pages Manager; technology

integration; use of smart TV and laptop; maintain youth ministry website

*Catechetical training to be able to train and assist volunteers

*Social media skills to stay in contact with youth and families


If interested please contact the St. Michael/St. Peter’s Parish Office (315)469-6995.